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Keto Diet For Kids: Is It Safe?

The followers of keto diet have been growing. From people trying to lose weight to those who want to reduce symptoms of their health conditions, this low-carb, high-fat approach has been helping many people with its health benefits.

There is a new group introduced to keto. Some parents have been trying to put their children on the diet in an effort to treat various conditions, such as epilepsy and brain cancer.

Keto was originally introduced to adults. It means the diet plan was created based on the nutritional requirements of older people as well as their potential health problems.

Is keto diet safe for kids and teens? Experts said it can be provided to them but there can also be some problems when improperly introduced. 

Children On Keto

Keto diet has long been used in hospitals to help reduce the effects of two conditions. First is to support chemotherapy for both children and adults with brain cancer. 

The diet helps limit glucose levels in tumor cells, which then prevents their growth. Another health benefit of keto is managing refractory epilepsy.

A number of studies showed the approach as safe and effective for infants and toddlers with the condition. Researchers found that following the keto diet could help children reduce seizure frequency by up to 50 percent.

However, scientists have yet to determine the long-term effects of keto in children. It is also important to know that the diet is commonly provided to kids under the supervision of a physician, registered nurse or dietitian.

Potential Side Effects Of Keto Diet

Doctors require a consultation to know the nutritional needs of children before starting a new diet. It is to avoid any negative effects on their health and growth later in life.

If improperly administered, the keto diet may cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies, impaired growth, electrolyte imbalance, high blood cholesterol levels, low blood sugar and digestive issues, such as nausea, diarrhea and constipation, according to Healthline

This diet is also known for restricting many food. But such an approach may not work well in children since their bodies are still developing and growing.

They need adequate nutrition, and a restrictive diet, like keto, may negatively affect their overall health. Children may mainly develop unhealthy behaviors, such as eating disorders. 

Keto Health experts consider keto diet as helpful to maintain cholesterol levels, blood sugar and brain health. Pixabay