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Keto Diet Shocking Side Effect: ‘Restriction Diet’ Causes Hair Loss, Expert Says

The keto diet was originally created to help people with epileptic seizures. But due to the unexpected benefits of the approach in some people trying to keep a healthy weight, many across the world started to go on keto. 

But is it really healthy? The debate continues among experts and the weight loss community whether this low-carb, high-fat diet really promotes better health or is bad for the body. 

One expert and a new report come in favor of those criticizing the keto diet. Kristen Kizer, a nutritionist at Houston Methodist Medical Center, said the approach has been found to have side effects that range from dangerous to bizarre. 

Going full keto could increase the risk of having heart disease and diabetes and make your crotch smell weird, she told Another unexpected effect of keto is hair loss.

Wellness website mindbodygreen released a new report showing the diet could cause a thinning head of hair as it puts the body in extreme stress or malnourishment. 

Nutrition expert Keri Gans confirmed that it is possible that the keto diet could cause hair loss. She said many things that could go wrong when restricting the body from important nutrients it needs. 

"The keto diet may put stress on a person in more ways than you might actually be thinking. It's a diet of restriction. That takes effort and could be causing stress," Gans said. 

Going keto from your normal diet requires focus and another level of commitment, such as losing some food that have been playing a key role in your health for years. 

Mindbodygreen said keto diet also causes protein deficiency that contributes to hair loss. Protein contributes to healthy hair as well as nails.

But Gans noted more studies are required to determine the direct link between keto diet and hair loss. There could be other factors affecting the body aside from the diet. 

Keto Flu

Moving to a low-carb, high-fat diet to lose weight requires a significant change in lifestyle. It takes time for the body to adjust, especially in keto diet as it mainly requires new energy source, according to Marie Claire

Some people find it difficult in their early days on keto. Their body shifts from glucose and glycogen to body fat and ketones to produce energy. 

“It’s clear that a keto diet can be very effec­tive for some people but very ineffective for others,” Andy Galpin, director of the Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory at California State University, said.