Knee Pain: Best Tips To Strengthen Knees And Counter Discomfort

Being physically active offers a number of benefits. You stay healthy, bond with people, challenge yourself and understand your body, among others. 

However, with exercise comes the risk of injury. And one of the areas that people commonly accidentally hurt is the knee. 

Knee pain can significantly affect you daily activities. Being unable to walk and stand straight means you cannot jog, run or lift and even push-ups can be more challenging. 

Knee injury can be a career-ender for athletes. Tiger Woods and NBA’s Amare Stoudamire and Andrew Bynum are just among the famous faces in sports that suffered severe knee pain that required them to stop playing. 

But aside from accidents, knee pain also occurs due to extreme stress on the joint, medical conditions, such as arthritis, and other effects of aging.  

However, there are ways to strengthen knees and avoid unexpected pain. Improving your quadriceps can help reduce the risk of knee osteoarthritis and the pain, according to

You just need to learn the right exercises to make that joint area stronger and work well. 

Best & Easy Knee Exercises


This exercise is too common and helpful. Position your body like sitting on a chair, make sure your feet are hip distance apart, keep your back straight, feel the stress on your legs and return to standing position. Do 10 to 20 repetitions. 

You can also try a single leg squat as a more challenging exercise. Do the same position but raise one leg, extending it in front of you. 

Backward and Front Stepping Lunges

Place your feet hip-width apart. You can start either moving forward or backward. Every after 

Lunge down every other step, while keeping your upper body straight. Put your weight on your heel and push off with your heel back to starting position. Do 10 steps for each leg. 

Quadriceps Strengthening

You need a towel or a small foam roller for this exercise. Lie down on the floor and place that towel beneath the knee. Focus on the muscles that will keep your leg and knee straight for five seconds. 

Contract and release at least 10 times. 

Straight Leg Raise

Stay on the floor. Raise one leg up to 6 inches off the floor while keeping both legs stretched. Feel your abs and hold the contraction for 10 seconds. Do five raises per leg. 

Hip Adduction

You don’t have to stand. Get a small pillow, lightweight ball or foam roller. While on the floor bend your knees but maintain your feet on the floor. 

Put the roller or pillow between the knees and try to squeeze your legs and hold the position for five to 10 seconds. 

These exercises should help your regain comfort or improve the strength of your knees. However, once you feel more pain while doing any activity, stop and consult a doctor, physical therapist or trainer.

Exercise Regular exercise offers a number of benefits, from better health, bonding to better understanding your body. Pixabay