Leaked Documents Reveal China’s Program To Brainwash Ethnic Minorities

The Chinese government may have been running a program that aims to brainwash muslims, who may be a threat to the country. Major news outlets recently received leaked documents detailing the activities, which have been confirmed by numerous experts. 

The documents came from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The papers contain classified information on high-security prison camps established in China to hold Uighur Muslims, IFLScience reported Monday.

Chinese authorities reportedly started sending members of the Uighur community to the facilities in Xinjiang in 2017. The region in the far north-west of China is home to nearly 11 million Uighurs.

The program came after a series of violent clashes between the Muslim minority and the majority of Han population in 2009. The Chinese government claimed during the conflict that there was a war on terrorism and Islamic extremism.

Leaked government documents indicate that the government used the program, called “Vocational Educational Training Centers,” to address the issue. Officials said going to the camps was voluntary but a nine-page memo details highly strict policies at the facilities.

The list includes “preventing escape,” a 24-hour surveillance “with no blind spots” and monitoring every aspect of inmates’ lives, including their use of toilet.

The government reportedly instructed officials running the facilities to “promote the repentance and confession of the students for them to understand deeply the illegal, criminal and dangerous nature of their past activity." The documents were signed by Zhu Hailun, top security official in Xinjiang at the time. 

Experts described the activities at the camps as a way to brainwash detainees. Uighurs were forced to renounce their previous beliefs and lifestyle and to adopt a mentality following the Communist Party. 

"For those who harbor vague understandings, negative attitudes or even feelings of resistance… carry out education transformation to ensure that results are achieved," the memo states on how officials would run the facilities.

“Students” are required to spend a minimum of one year in the camp. They would only be released once confirmed by party officials to be sufficiently “transformed.”

The documents also include information on a database called the Integrated Joint Operations Platform. It shows that 15,683 people were sent to the camps in a single week in June 2017.

Estimates show that a million Uighurs were detained in the camps without trial. However, the Chinese embassy in London announced the leaked documents were “fake news” and that the government only runs voluntary educational centers.

Detention Camp Leaked government documents reveal classified information on high-security prison camps established by the Chinese government to hold and "brainwash" Uighur Muslims. Pixabay