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Lily Aldridge's Fitness Diary, Meal Plans And More

Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge revealed that she stays in shape by frequently drinking green juices, attending early morning ballet classes and running for miles. Aldridge certainly takes her fitness regimen seriously, proving that a lot of effort and work are necessary if one wants to look and feel good.

While many models are credited for having good genetics, the mother-of-one Aldridge displays the hardcore reality of it all. She says that it takes more than a sweat to look good as she does on shows.

The model previously shared her fitness video with Vogue, which detailed her entire day. In it, one can see that she loves to start her morning by making a berry smoothie to boost her body for the intense workouts awaiting her for the day. She was also seen attending early morning yoga classes just before entering her ballet class, which allows her to merge ballet moves with mat work for maximum toning of the body.

Afterward, Aldridge can be seen fixing weights onto her wrists and practicing her plie. In between these, she stays hydrated by drinking tons of water. The model then starts doing her reformer pilates, an intensive workout where she pulls her body into different shapes while using a chain of springs and pulleys to add resistance. These exercises are credited with helping a person have long and lean muscles.

After these sessions, the model can be seen sipping on a green juice she has prepared before heading to a nearby supermarket to buy some fresh fish, vegetables and nuts for her lunch. The lithe-limbed model, who has graced the lingerie company since 2009, has candidly shared her experiences with maintaining a strict health and fitness regimen.

Also an accomplished chef, Aldridge creates her meal with a skilled hand, seasoning her fish with pepper and squeezing lemon juice over it before putting it inside the oven along with a few organic carrots.

Furthermore, the video also captures the model going on mile-long runs around her block, up and down the stairs and through her neighborhood. One of the many forms of exercises she loves doing is boxing, which she frequently does in her local gym.

Lily Aldridge Lily Aldridge attends the #BoF500 gala dinner during New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge on September 9, 2018 in Brooklyn City. Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for The Business of Fashion