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Listeria Outbreak Update: 3 Deaths Linked To Contaminated Sandwiches, Salads

The Public Health England (PHE) has now confirmed a total number of six to nine cases of listeria-related incidents and three to five deaths.

The most recent update on the outbreak focuses on a patient from Aintree Hospital and two from Manchester Royal Infirmary who had died. The cause of death was the consumption of salads and sandwiches from the Good Food Chain. The production of goods was linked to the outbreak. Thus, they were withdrawn and the establishment's production was put to a halt.

PHE said that they are in the midst of investigating and analyzing previous cases of listeria from about two months ago. They are trying to find a relationship or common denominator between the two instances.

Dr. Nick Phin from PHE shared that “to date, there have been no patients linked to this incident outside healthcare organizations, but we continue to investigate.” Furthermore, he said that swift action was already taken to ensure the safety and security of the patients. This is also an attempt to lower the risk presented to the public.

According to health experts, a listeria infection causes a small amount of discomfort but is more likely to affect women who are pregnant. Furthermore, old people and those who have a weak immune system should watch out for signs and symptoms of the disease as they are also prone to getting it.

A statement by the Good Food Chain has been released, saying that they are cooperating fully with the investigations held by the Food Standards Authority. Furthermore, they shared their deepest thoughts and condolences to the families of those who have died as well as anyone who is affected by the disease.

The statement also goes on to explain that the underlying cause of the incidents remains to be unclear. Nevertheless, they warned that people should be more wary of the causes of listeria infection, so that they’ll be able to avoid it.

Listeria is a bacterium that has been categorized as a type of microorganism that causes food poisoning. Some of its symptoms include a high temperature, feeling sick and chills. It causes damage to the organs, which spreads to the brain in certain cases.

To reduce the risk of getting infected by this bacteria, it is important to keep chilled food in the fridge. When heating food, it must be done until it’s piping hot. Lastly, it is advisable to not consume any food or beverage after its use-by date.

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