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Lose Weight Fast By Avoiding These Foods This 2020

When you reach for a cookie, you’re probably super aware that well, it’s a cookie. And that means it’s not the healthiest snack, which is why you indulge only once in a while (we hope). If so, then we’re proud of you and your progress since it’s never too late to start looking after your health.

However, what can be tricky are snacks or food that you might think aren't as unhealthy. And that’s because unlike a cookie, which just screams “sugar” they’re often not as sweet. But make no mistake, they are, and these sneaky foods are most likely what’s ruining your health and diet, and why you find it so hard to lose weight these days. In fact, a quick snooping here and there will show you that food scientists make this food just sweet enough for you to crave more, starting a vicious unhealthy cycle.

But the decade is just about done (and so are we, with unhealthy foods), and we decided that if we’re going to march into 2020 with a healthier mindset, we’ll do so with less baggage than before. And that means leaving some unhealthy foods behind this 2019. Here are what to let go:

Bottled Salad Dressing

Did you know that a few tablespoons of these already have more than 5 grams of sugar? Now do you really want that?

Pasta Sauce

They taste savory, serves as the perfect pairing for the pasta you just made and have around 10 grams or more of sugar per half a cup. Yikes.

Granola Bars

Even granola bars? Well, yes. While they’re usually praised for packing a lot of vitamins and minerals, most are just packaged with high-fructose corn syrup. That’s a lot of bad, bad sugar. Say goodbye.


Sure it contains protein and calcium that naturally occurs from the milk in it. However, the fruit varieties that it comes with also have a lot of sugar as well. Stick to regular milk.


What you may not know is that teas and energy drinks also come with sugar or artificial sweeteners. This 2020, stick to plain water and stay hydrated.

keto yogurt Strawberries are some of the sweet and filling fruits that people can eat while on the keto diet. Pixabay