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This Man Is Brewing Beer In His Gut: A Blessing Or Problem?

Making beer is not an easy job. You will need gallons of water, specialty grains, some extracts, yeast and a fermenter and the whole process could take more than two weeks before you enjoy one ice-cold bottle. 

But what if that process happens inside your gut? Your body is automatically brewing beer for you.

That is the case of a 46-year-old man in the U.S. who gets drunk without drinking any liquor. He experiences many effects of alcohol consumption, such as mental fogginess and memory loss, Interesting Engineering reported

The case, described in the journal Scientific Research Publishing, shows the man developed a rare condition called auto brewery syndrome. It occurs when yeast significantly increases in the body, which turns the gut into a natural brewing machine.

The man said he had to quit his job because of his condition. Imagine you were just enjoying a healthy alcohol-free breakfast and later at work you suddenly start talking like someone who just returned from a Friday night party.

The man saw different doctors to check his condition. He showed symptoms of being drunk but the patient said he never took a single drop of alcohol all day. 

Researchers later discovered that the man had an infection with a common yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The presence of the yeast triggers what they call “gut fermentation syndrome.”

His gut starts to brew beer after he consumes starch, which the yeast ferments along with sugar. The process then leads to production of ethanol in the patient’s body. 

Rare But Serious Condition

The researchers said there are only five cases of auto brewery syndrome recorded in the past 30 years. Despite the very low number of patients, the condition still requires wide medical attention since it could have serious effects on an individual’s quality of life and health. 

“This is a rare syndrome but should be recognized because of the social implications such as loss of job, relationship difficulties, stigma and even possible arrest and incarceration,” the researchers stated in the study. “It would behoove health care providers to listen more carefully to the intoxicated patient who denies ingesting alcohol.”

One of the latest cases of auto brewery syndrome was reported in September in China. Doctors found high levels of the microbe Klebsiella pneumoniae in the gut of a patient, which also makes him drunk without consumption of alcohol during the day. 

beer Auto brewery syndrome occurs when yeast significantly increases in the body, which turns the gut into a natural brewing machine. Pixabay