Man Gets Charged With Animal Cruelty After Wrestling With Bear

A drunk man reportedly received charges of animal cruelty after climbing a zoo enclosure in Poland and wrestling with the bear inside. Thankfully, both the man and the bear came out unscathed.

Drunk Man Climbs Zoo And Wrestles With Bear, Gets Charged With Animal Cruelty

Every now and then, there are incidents that really make you wonder what’s going on in the head of the person who made them and what kind of thought process that person has to go through in order to reach that conclusion.

For example, a drunk 23-year-old man recently decided to climb a zoo enclosure in Poland in search of a bear. His apparent goal? Wrestle with aforementioned bear, of course. Fortunately, the bear itself is mostly harmless and both man and the Ursidae came out unscathed from the incident. But while the bear itself is now at peace again, the man unfortunately had to face charges of animal cruelty, in addition to disturbing the peace for not wearing a face mask.

According to reports, the zoo in Poland had just recently reopened after the country eased its lockdown measures amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As for the man, who is still unidentified, he was caught manhandling the poor animal inside the bear sanctuary in the Warsaw Zoo via a security camera. The video reportedly shows the man standing atop a rocky formation that houses Sabrina the bear, way beyond the barrier intended for the zoo’s visitors.

Sabrina then approached the unwanted intruder, making him run away and jump into the water that separates the enclosure from the visitors. After watching him swim around, Sabrina then follows the man into the water, which then led to the man wrestling her via her neck as he tried to push her down into the water.

Firefighters eventually arrived to help rescue the man from the enclosure, after which he was fined between $1,200 to $7,300 as well as 20 hours of community service. He was also made to promise to swear off drinking.

“She (Sabrina) used to belong to a circus and is accustomed to the presence of people, but she absolutely did not expect a human attack. Sabrina, an old bear who was attacked by an adult man, physically came out of this event unscathed, but she is very stressed,” Ann Karczewska, a spokesperson of the zoo, said.

Syrian brown bear A man reportedly climbed a zoo enclosure in Poland and wrestled a bear while in a drunken stupor.

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