Man Injects Own Semen For Chronic Back Pain Treatment

A man from Ireland left doctors surprised by his unusual chronic pain treatment. The 33-year-old believes injecting his own semen into his arm could help reduce his back pain and manage his condition. 

The unnamed patient visited a Dublin hospital in the past year due to lower back pain brought on by lifting a heavy object. But physicians noticed another health problem since his right arm was red and slightly swollen, ScienceAlert reported

His X-ray results later revealed signs of serious infection under the skin of his lower arm. The man admitted that before going to the hospital he tried a very unique treatment for chronic back pain. 

He would fill a syringe with his own semen and inject it into his right arm in hopes that it has a positive effect on his condition. The man said he took his self-made treatment once a month for a year and a half. 

In a case study, published in the Irish Medical Journal, doctors said the patient even increased the amount of semen to several injections for a month prior to visiting the hospital. That possibly caused the infection in his arm. 

The study describes his case as the first of its kind in medical history. Researchers looked for similar methods both in clinical and alternative areas but it appears as the first time a person used his semen for chronic pain. 

"A comprehensive review of EMBASE, PubMed, Google scholar and the wider internet was conducted with an emphasis on intravenous semen injection for the treatment of back pain as well as for other medical and non-medical uses," the authors said in the study. "Although there is a report of the effects of subcutaneous semen injection into rats and rabbits [in 1945], there were no cases of intravenous semen injection into humans found across the literature."

But it is not the first time semen has been used to help treat certain conditions. Some people reported infecting the fluid in minuscule amounts to test for allergic reactions and even semen-sensitivities.

Doctors said the Irish man had cellulitis, a bacterial infection of the skin. He received intravenous antimicrobial drugs but discharged himself from the hospital after his back felt better without further treatment. 

Injection A man from Ireland reportedly injected his own semen into his arm as a treatment for his chronic back pain. Pixabay