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Marijuana Testing: 5 Natural Tricks To Flush Weed Out Of Your System

Beating drug tests is easier than ridding your body of THC substances due to smoking or ingesting marijuana products. Although abstinence is the best way to prevent them from remaining in the body, users need to flush weed out to comply with work-related routine checkups.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid (THC) is an inactive chemical in the body. Ingesting and consuming cannabis products result in increased THC levels in your blood. Regular use not only accumulates THC in the body but also increases metabolites in the body’s fat tissues, according to Leafly.

Drug Test Methods

The most common methods in detecting THC and marijuana-related content in the body use urine, blood, hair follicle and saliva. Urine tests show the metabolites months after they are consumed, but they do not detect THC levels. On the other hand, blood tests detect THC levels. They are, however, undetectable eight hours after an occasional use but last for several days for regular users.

Hair follicle tests are more expensive and are requested for jobs that require special clearance. Such tests typically examine hair residue and could detect marijuana consumption by one-time users. Meanwhile, saliva tests are less reliable and often overlooked in the U.S., as pointed out by Key To Cannabis.

For those who want to pass any of the drug test methods, below are five natural tricks you can do to flush weed out of your system:


When higher THC levels and metabolites are stored in your body fat, you can remove them easily by diffusion. Physical exercise also releases dormant THC from stored fat and hastens the process of eliminating marijuana from your body.

Healthy Diet

Avoiding salty, sweet and fatty foods is another method to flush weed out of your system. These slow down your metabolism and prolong the excretion of THC and metabolites from your body.

Detox Products

Detox is a process that flushes toxins out of the body. The same principle can be applied to cannabis and related substances. Hence, they can be removed from the body by drinking lemon, mint and watermelon drinks. There are also detox kits that flush out weed from your system. They are sold as herbal capsules and powder supplements. But remember, the detox process usually takes up to 14 days to complete.


The most effective way to remove marijuana from your system is abstinence. The body has natural detoxifying abilities. Therefore, the body can just flush out cannabis in the long run. To ensure this, one should abstain from using or smoking weed because it just defeats the purpose of relying on the body’s natural filtering capacity to get rid of its metabolites. 

Drinking Water

Drinking more than eight glasse helps with the natural detox process. You can flush weed out by drinking large amounts of water since this helps in expelling toxins from the body. The idea behind this is simply replacing toxic bodily fluids with a cleaner solution.