Medical Cannabis Authorized By France In Two-Year Trial

As part of the upcoming 2020 social security proposals and voted through the trial last October 25, Friday, medical cannabis is to become available for certain patients in France after the ‘Assemblée

Nationale’ authorized a trial for the drug that would last two years.

Put forward by MP Olivier Véran

, the medical safety agency ANSM (Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé) confirmed that they have already approved of the plans.

Two-Year Cannabis Trial

Per the release, this trial means that certain patients who are deemed “treatment impasse” and are not responding to any of the existing treatments could be eligible for medical cannabis trials, given that it’s prescribed on a “therapeutic” basis. Furthermore, the drug may also be prescribed to cancer patients who are at the stage that they only require palliative care, as well as those who are suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy.

Additionally, those who are suffering from certain types of involuntary muscle spasms, neuropathic pain that persists despite severe and varied treatment and treatment-resistant epilepsy can also be eligible for the upcoming two-year trial.

However, it’s not just for the patients because the trial will also allow doctors and medical experts to take note of the drug’s effects, possible side effects, and overall effectiveness in various conditions.

However, this doesn’t mean that cannabis will be available for recreation since the trial is strictly for medical use. This means that it will not be available in “joint” or cigarette form, and will most likely be administered via oil, drops, capsules, through a drink or through dried flowers.

“We are in favour of this test, on the condition that it is monitored by a medical team. It is not ethical to let patients who cannot be sedated or soothed by existing medicines to suffer. People for whom pain leaves them no quality of life. There are definite benefits [of cannabis] …for people whose pain is not helped by existing medicines. But we must identify all of the side effects, including those that may be serious. There is also the risk of addiction, and we must be sure that there is no lessening of its impact, and that there are no risks for certain organs,” Catherine Simonin, spokesperson for patient advocacy union France Asso Santé and the vice-president of anti-cancer group  la Ligue Contre le Cancer, said.

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