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Medical Schools In Michigan Notice Surge In Applications Amid Pandemic

Per a news release, medical schools in Michigan are reportedly seeing a huge surge in applications during a time when a viral pandemic showed how big of a shortage the country has in its physicians.

Medical Schools See Surge In Applications

According to the latest report, a number of medical schools located in Michigan are increasing their class size after receiving an influx of applicants during a time when a viral pandemic outlined the shortage of physicians in the country.

For example, the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine received some 9,000 applications for its next 190-student class. It’s a big jump from last year’s number, which climbed to 7,959. There’s also the Western Michigan University’s Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine, where 54 students managed to graduate back in 2018. Since then, the class size has climbed up from 60 to 72 and now 84 students, per Jean Shelton, WMed assistant dean of admissions and student life. Then there’s Michigan State’s medical school, which is at capacity with its current class size of about 200. In order to increase their class size, MSU would have to hire more faculty and expand its current staff number.

Additionally, the incoming class of 2019 also saw six of Michigan’s medical schools receive up to 43, 602 applications. This number, per statistics, is up 15,717 from the class applications back in 2014 and up 4,193 from 2018. According to the Lansing State Journal, this sudden jump in numbers reflects prospective medical students who are probably submitting multiple applications at multiple schools, which is becoming more common these days.

However, Geoffrey Young, senior director of student affairs and programs for the Association of American Medical Colleges, said that the growing number of applicants is more than good especially for those that are concerned about the number of physicians that we’ll have in the future. Seeing that there’s a shortage now, having more of them in the future is definitely a good prospect to look forward to.

“It really demonstrates a strong interest in a career in medicine. This is what we think is critical as the nation faces a shortage of physicians,” Young said.

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