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Menstrual Cramps: 7 Hacks To Relieve Period Pain

Women often experience menstrual cramps during their monthly periods. These are caused by uterine contractions that help regulate the blood flow and flush the blood out. Although period pain is common, it can be extremely uncomfortable. Here are seven hacks that will surely make your monthly period bearable.


Jeannie Bianchi, a licensed acupuncturist in San Francisco, said that acupuncture relaxes the nervous system. According to Everyday Health, this causes vigorous blood flow to the internal organs including the uterus. This eases the uterine muscles and relieves painful sensations.

Hot Bath

Uterine muscles tense up when they contract during a woman’s monthly period. As per Arizona OBGYN Affiliates, a warm bath relaxes the tissues, increases blood flow and reduces period pain.

Birth Control Pills

According to Health Line, prostaglandins are responsible for uterine contractions. Higher levels of prostaglandins make menstrual cramps worse.

Birth control pills reduce the amounts of prostaglandins and regulate the hormones involved in cramping. As a result, they reduce the effects of menstrual cramps.

Healthy Diet

According to Planned Parenthood, reducing fat intake and increasing vegetable consumption also help address the discomfort. Aldo Palmieri, an ob-gyn at UCLA Health, suggested that following a low-fat vegetarian diet has an indirect yet noticeable effect on menstrual pain.

Herbal Tea

Registered dietician nutritionist in the San Francisco Bay area Sonya Angelone claimed that certain teas relieve menstrual cramps. Although there is a lack of sufficient research, teas have been found to have painkiller properties. Boil at least two teaspoons of tea barks and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Drink at least three cups per day to minimize the pain when the monthly visitor arrives.


Over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen, naproxen and acetaminophen help regulate menstrual pain. It is, however, advised that you should first consult with your doctor before administering painkillers. Those who are allergic to aspirin or suffer from severe asthma are discouraged from using this approach.

Fish Oil

A study conducted on teens with menstrual cramps showed that those who took 500mg of fish oil supplements per day reduced their period pain. As per Everyday Health, those who consumed fish oil, B1 or both supplements during their period experienced less pain than those who did not.