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Mental Health: Signs You Need To Seek Professional Help

Mental Health can be really tricky to tackle, especially if you don’t understand much of it. And for most people, they don’t. Years of misinformation and stigma against it have made sure of that, either demonizing it or brushing it off as some minor inconvenience that the “snowflakes” of this generation go through.

This is the same reason why those who do suffer from it hide it. Society doesn’t take this seriously, so why even bother?

Thankfully, the veil around it is starting to uncover that more and more people are starting to truly understand and care. Still, you wouldn’t know a person suffering with it from a normal person. That’s because the differences are not that nuanced, and oftentimes subtle.

So if you think you’re suffering from some form of it, here are some minute signs that can help you:

  1. You sleep all the time – Perhaps its biggest and most nuanced sign is sleeping all the time. Fatigue after all, is one of depression’s core symptoms, and being tired for no reason due to an imbalance of dopamine and serotonin is a sign that you should look after your mental health more.
  2. You stay in a lot more – Disassociating and withdrawing from family and friends is also one sign. With this, you might oftentimes feel that they can’t understand you, or that showing your true self might only inconvenience them. Reconnecting with them however, can be a very huge help.
  3. A change in appetite – This can come in many forms, although the main factor to look for is a sudden change in appetite. All of a sudden, you might be overeating or not eating at all, which can mean different things.
  4. You lack your usual energy – This includes low energy and instability to focus at all, more so make decisions.
  5. You don’t enjoy the things you love doing – Whether you’re an artist, a gamer or one that simply enjoys outside activities, a mental health problem might stop you from enjoying these things.

Essentially, experiencing sudden shifts in your behavior can be a big sign of a mental health problem.

Mental health Shocking statistics show that parents need to be more aware of their children's mental health. geralt/Pixabay