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Minnesota Coronavirus Update: Hospital Cases Reportedly Decline

The number of COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization has been declining over at Minnesota in recent weeks but the coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise. The latest tallies report that 288 people required hospitalization, a decrease from the 300 cases reported on Saturday. Of those latest numbers, 143 required intensive care, which was also a decline compared to the 155 ICU patients on Saturday.

There were eight new deaths reported in the latest update coming from Minnesota health officials. In all, the state has 1,425 deaths. Of the new deaths, there were only six coming from long-term care facilities and assisted living facilities. Though the decline is good news, the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 continues to rise.

With COVID-19 mass testing increasing, the number of people who have returned positive is also spiking. The net count for positive test results grew by 523 the past day, raising the total to 35,549 overall. Of the positive cases, health care workers have accounted for 3,585 cases statewide. There are 86 out of 87 counties of the state that have confirmed cases based on the latest reports. Only the Lake of the Woods County has no cases to show.

In some good developments, a total of 30,809 locals in Minnesota who are infected by COVID-19 no longer have to be isolated. This is a notable increase from the previous number they had that stood at 30,401.

Though the hospitalizations and confirmed cases are declining, the county may have to pay closer attention to the new cases. It appears that young adults are now testing positive for the COVID-19 virus, possibly due to people now outdoors and heading to establishments such as bars. Some cases were linked to Mankato and Minneapolis, noting that there were people who are not doing enough to prevent the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus COVID-19 New York, USA - Mask People line up outside Elmhurst Hospital to get tested due to coronavirus outbreak on March 24, 2020 in Queens, New York City. Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

“We desperately need younger Minnesotans to take it seriously,” Kris Ehresmann, the state’s infectious disease director, said.

The public is still urged to follow the usual health protocols to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus. This includes wearing face coverings at all times, observing social distancing and religiously practicing proper hygiene. Though most are eager to get back to normal life, it remains that the virus is still out there. These basic measures are the best protection for everyone with no COVID-19 vaccine still available.

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