Mom With Stage 4 Cancer Uses Cannabis Oil For Self-Treatment

A mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Instead of opting for chemotherapy, she chose to self-treat with cannabis oil. Doctors were surprised at how her condition improved drastically after her diagnosis suggested that she only had a few weeks to live.

Susan Dhillon is a 51-year-old mother of three who was diagnosed last June 2018 with stage 4 cancer of the mouth, nose and lower skull. Her condition was referred to as stage 4 advanced sinonasal carcinoma. Her tumors were getting larger by 5 percent per month. Doctors suggested that she should undergo chemotherapy and facial surgery to improve her condition. She, however, refused treatment and opted to self-medicate with cannabis oil, as per Metro.

Her friend had been making herbal tablets from growing cannabis plants and extracting their oils. Dhillon then started taking the almost pure form of cannabis tablets from her friend for £16 a day. After five months of using the tablets and Manuka honey every day, she went back for a checkup.

Doctors were astounded with the significant changes the cannabis tablets made to her condition. They realized that some of her tumors had disappeared, others had stopped growing while some were shrinking. Her consultants then confirmed that her self-treatment significantly improved her condition and made her completely stable with no signs of the progression . Her health’s improvement was called a “miracle” by a former NHA prescription administrator

According to Men’s Health, cancer stages describe the number of cancer cells found in your body so doctors can suggest an appropriate treatment depending on the severity of your condition. This can be determined by analyzing the size of tumors and how significantly it has infiltrated the organs of the body. Stage 4 cancer usually indicates that cancer from one concentrated organ has spread to other parts of the body. The usually recommended treatment is chemotherapy as what Dhillon’s doctors suggested after her diagnosis.

Those who suffer from stage 4 cancer have a five-year relative survival rate at nine percent. Although the mortality rate differs by case, there is no specific way to know whether a patient suffering from stage 4 cancer can still be cured, or how long their life could be. In Dhillon’s case, the disappearing tumors may signify that cannabis oil significantly helped her get rid of cancer cells without chemotherapy. There is, however, a lack of substantial evidence that points cannabis oil as the sole responsible agent that improved her condition as she was also taking Manuka honey every day.