Momo Challenge Scary Videos: How To Combat Anxiety In The Digital Age

Recently, the internet has become unsafe for kids. There are videos with violent content suddenly pop out in the midway of children shows like "Peppa Pig." Currently, the viral video dubbed as Momo Challenge leaves anxiety and fears to children and even to adults as the video of the challenge encourages viewers to harm themselves.

This week, many parents around the world raised their concerns over the dangerous challenge. In the United Kingdom, a mother in Bolton wrote on Facebook that her son had been influenced by the game as the seven-year-old boy frightens his classmates by telling them Momo will kill them in their sleep. There is a suicide report in Argentina where a 12-year-old girl captured herself on camera before hanging herself.  In India, two suicide reports have been confirmed. Manish Sarki, 18, died on Aug. 20, 2018, and Aditi Goyal, 26, died the next day.

Momo Challenge is a viral game played via social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. Momo is originated in Japan and it is a joke among friends in the country. Later on, the game started with Facebook group members daring themselves to contact an unknown number. Then, the unknown person who owns the number with the name “Momo,” will instruct the player to engage in odd activities, like waking up at night or overcoming fear. They are also required to film themselves doing the task and they should send it to Momo. If they passed the challenges, Momo will give a more dangerous task that involves self-harm-eventually leading to suicide. 

The picture of Momo with bulging eyes, wide grin and warped features will give nightmare to anyone, and it is easy for the kids to believe she is real. But the truth is, she is not real. Originally, Momo's picture on the internet is actually a sculpture named “Mother Bird” created by Midori Hayashi, a Japanese Artist, according to Asian Parent. The sculpture was exhibited in Tokyo’s horror Art Vanilla Gallery, and it was never intended to be used in a dangerous game on social media.

Momo is considered as an urban and her story started spreading on July 14, 2018, when a YouTube user named GloomyHouse created a video talking about the legend. He said there are different phone numbers to use to contact Momo on Whatsapp. Once the person contacted Momo, the person behind Momo will start leaking all the personal data and information about the person. Sometimes, Momo will start even sending very graphical images to the people who contacted her.

Due to different content appearing on social media, many people come to the point they feel tired and stress. Many studies said people who are being digitally connected is distracting, addictive and leads to higher levels of anxiety. It also affects the sleeping habits and has an adverse impact on productivity, health, and relationships. 

Stress is inevitable and it is part of adulting. However, it does not mean people should allow it to punish them. There are ways to calm themselves. One of the options that people may consider is taking supplements like gabapentin, phenibut, and noopept.

Gabapentin is used to treat seizures. But later on, it has also been proven to be useful for people suffering from anxiety, depression or other mood disorders. Phenibut is a cognitive enhancer used as a sleep aid, anti-anxiety medication, and nootropic. It is also known as a mood booster and is also useful in treating sleeping and post-traumatic stress disorders. On the other hand, noopept is a nootropic supplement designed to enhance cognitive abilities and the most potent and effective nootropics.