Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures For Men Revealed

Ever wanted to go under the knife but scared that since you’re a man, the results will be different?

We totally get it. For some reason, getting plastic surgery is one of those things that societal norms and stereotypes have only deemed appropriate for women, even though gender has really nothing to do with it. Just take a peek into most forms of media, like television, and you’ll see what we mean: Women are always getting plastic surgeries to look better, while men only resort to it for plot twist reasons (“Face/Off” starring Nicholas Cage and John Travolta, anyone?).

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, however, since a new report reveals that more than ever, more and more men are going under the knife, taking advantage of the plastic surgery procedures available nowadays, and we don’t just mean the facelift.

Often touted as the “Daddy do-over,” this midlife decision is starting to get really popular. Of course, men’s reasons for making this decision is different from their female counterparts.

"Obviously, men don't go through the same physical changes that women experience during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, but their lifestyle does change, which can impact their appearance," said Dr. Alan Matarasso, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

In any case, here are five of the most common plastic surgery procedures that men go through:

  1. Rhinoplasty – Getting rhinoplasty, more commonly known as “nose job,” is the most popular form of plastic surgery for men. Per statistics, around 52,000 rhinoplasty surgeries were done on men back last year.
  2. Eyelid surgery – Coming in second on the most popular list for men are eyelid surgeries, which are also called blepharoplasty. These are done to correct defects, deformities and disfigurations caused by old age.
  3. Liposuction – Third on the list are liposuctions, which are done to take off fat that are hard to get off even with exercise.
  4. Breast reductions – Surprisingly, breast reductions to correct overdeveloped or enlarged breasts are also popular among middle-aged men.
  5. Hair transplants – Fifth on the list are hair transplants and this is not surprising, considering the hair problems many men go through as they age.

plastic surgery Undergoing a facelift or lower eye lift doesn't just make you look younger, it also improves how the general public perceives you. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock