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NAD Supplements: 5 Health Benefits That Will Surprise You

Anti-aging supplements take up a lot of shelves in pharmacy shops, and among them are the NAD supplements that remain a mystery to many people. However, one shouldn’t avoid these supplements because they are actually guaranteed to help with overall health.

For the uninitiated, NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a coenzyme commonly found in living things, especially humans. As a coenzyme, it is needed by the body in order for the enzymes in cells to work. Therefore, it is involved in very important bodily processes like energy metabolism.

So in case you are wondering what are the advantages of taking NAD supplements, you should know that there have been studies that linked these supplements to various health benefits. Below are five of them:

Combats Age-Related Weight Gain

As we grow older, we tend to readily gain weight because the different processes and mechanisms in our bodies aren’t as efficient as they used to be. NAD supplements could help counter this according to a 2012 study that found the supplements prevented weight gain in mice that were subjected to a high-fat diet compared to those that didn’t get the supplements.

As per the scientists who conducted the experiment, the coenzyme may have helped regulate the production of stress and even the appetite-related hormones. This is because NAD has a positive effect on circadian rhythms.

Repairs Blood Vessels

Last year, a group of scientists reported in their published study that NAD supplementation was able to help repair damaged blood vessels. Not only that, the supplements were also able to improve the development and maintenance of aged blood vessels. As such, they surmised that the coenzyme supplements could help regulate heart disease risk factors, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Improves Cognitive Function

NAD supplements have also been proven to have a positive impact on brain health. There have been studies that showed how mice treated with precursors of the coenzyme had improved cognitive function. Their learning capabilities were enhanced, as well as their memory retention. Because of this, some researchers are considering NAD supplementation as a good preventive measure against Alzheimer’s disease.

Fixes Damaged DNA 

As an important component of certain bodily processes, it is not surprising that NAD coenzymes also help fix problems in the cellular level, particularly the repair of damaged DNA. The supplements contain the important components that combine with certain proteins that promote cell repair.

Enhances Muscle Function

A huge part of the human body is made up of muscles, so it is also a good thing that NAD supplements are able to improve muscle function. A research team found that supplementation with the coenzyme precursors enhanced the function of degenerative muscles.

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