You Need To Prioritize Sleep, According To Science

As compared with other animals, humans are one of the few species that sleep a lot, and rightfully so, because our bodies need it to recharge and recover. Yet for some reason, living in the modern age created a culture of always being connected, making sleep a smaller priority than what it should be.

However, a large body of work has proven time and again that sleep should be placed in high priority, and the science behind it is extremely clear. In fact, the more scientists learn about our brain and its times of slumber, the more it’s becoming clear that sleep really is very vital.

“Sleep is so critical for so many parts of our body and our mind. Sleep is like the dishwasher of the brain ,” Aric Prather, a sleep scientist at UCSF, said, stating that it helps regulate our metabolism and strengthen our immune system. It also helps clear out any toxins from our brain, as well as help prevent neurodegenerative diseases from spreading.

Usually, when it comes to sleep, people say that the most important is the REM phase or the one where we’re most likely to dream due to how deeply asleep we are. However, Prather insisted that all phases of sleep are just as important, and all are important processes, especially for our brain, which is probably the organ that we mostly use consciously. Of course, at the moment, there is still a vast pool of information that sleep scientists have yet to tap into and learn about. Nonetheless, the more new information comes, the more we learn that sleep is very much vital for our brains.

Of course, sometimes, getting rest isn’t as simple as we’d like it to be since other factors play a role as well. This includes our melatonin (sleep hormones), circadian rhythms and of course, dopamine.

With that in mind, there’s no denying that sleep is in fact, a vital process that we should prioritize because it’s the one instance where all of us can rest and recover the energy we lost. So the next time you hit that snooze button on a Saturday, don’t feel guilty, your body will thank you for it.

Sleep A study suggests that the women who prefer waking up early in the morning may have lower risks of having breast cancer compared to night owls. Pixabay