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New Jersey Schools Might Reduce Student Capacities In September Due To Pandemic

Schooling has become a problem for most during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people have turned to online classes, although this resort has not been spared from criticism. Over in New Jersey, a region that owns a dense population of roughly 9 million residents does have plans. However, it will be a far cry from the traditional classes that most have been used to.

This was part of the take of Governor Phil Murphy who revealed they are not caught in a battle against the coronavirus. He is aware of how some institutions have resorted to online means but the possibility of seeing kids back in schools at some point in the future could happen. However, there is a prerequisite to that and that comes in the form of a COVID-19 vaccine. Most know that this is months to years away but necessary if some semblance of normalcy is to be seen.

In an interview with CBS New York, Murphy revealed that he was looking into the possibility of opening schools in the fall. But he did caution that he does not expect (realistically) seeing a vaccine becoming available by then.

"We won’t have a vaccine by the fall. So, anyone who thinks that it’s just not, it’s not a reality," he said in the interview.

For now, Murphy stressed that the main objective is to finish the current school year online. He mentioned that he does have a small army right now trying to figure out how the fall would look like. With reported declining cases, there is a glimmer of hope. Also, he pointed out that if beaches and parks could be opened, Murphy sees no reason why football fields or graduations cannot be done.

New Jersey is currently in stage one and the next stage could happen in the coming weeks if the downward trend continues. Part of the second phase of the reopening plan is some in-person learning with modifications at K-12 schools and colleges. It gets better if they reach the third stage where schools may resume operations in person but at a reduced capacity, reported.

As for graduations, it could be held but with social distancing in place. Murphy also mentioned that while wearing masks is not mandate, it is recommended for the protection of all.

The state has so far reported 149,013 COVID-19 cases and 10,586 deaths since the outbreak started last Mar. 4. Most of the fatalities have come from long-term care facilities where most have underlying medical conditions.

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