New Study Reveals Dogs Go Through Moody Puberty Phase Too

Is your dog moody? It may be going through puberty. Pixabay

As per a new research, it’s not just people that experience a generally, well… annoying “teenage” phase because it reveals that even our dogs go through this as well when they reach the age of puberty.

New Research Reveals Dogs Go Through Puberty Too

We all know that humans go through a generally rebellious “teenage” phase when they reach puberty, possibly brought by about by the need to belong with their peers and craft their own identities that would anchor them through the following developmental years.

And while these years are important to a child’s growth, it can also be, for lack of a better word, unruly for parents. Well, now a new research reveals that it’s just not teenage kids that go through this phase, but dogs as well. So don’t be surprised if Fido starts wearing eyeliner (we’re kidding).

The study, conducted by a group of universities from the U.K. revealed that, similar to us humans, dogs can also go through a “teenage” phase when they reach the age of puberty. To do this, the team of researchers decided to look at 69 dogs before adolescence (usually at five months old) and then after they go through that period (which is at eight months old). From this, the team found that during adolescence, puppies took longer to respond to certain commands even if they know how to do it.

Additionally, a questionnaire answered by 285 dog owners also showed the same results. It revealed that animals going through this phase are much harder to train.

"What we found is evidence that dogs do show a period of reduced obedience towards their owners and this is specific to their owners not to other people. It is associated with all of the issues going on inside the dog during puberty," Dr. Naomi Harvey, a zoologist and one of the researchers, said.

Thankfully, the “teenage” phase is temporary since dogs go back to being obedient after this phase.

"But as with human teenage children, owners need to be aware that their dog is going through a phase and it will pass," Dr. Lucy Asher, an animal behavior scientist, who led the study, said.

dog Is your dog moody? It may be going through puberty. Pixabay

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