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New Study Suggests Vaping Can Damage Our Heart The Same Way Smoking Does

New research reveals that switching to vaping from smoking may not be as beneficial as initially thought, and may also eventually lead to damage in our cardiovascular system.

Can vaping damage our heart?

For the longest time, vaping has been seen as a great alternative to smoking cigarettes, as it’s supposed to provide the same nicotine high (to a lesser extent) without all of the lung damage that cigarettes come with. It’s also seen as a transitionary tool for smokers who want to eventually quit smoking, as using vapes (or e-cigarettes, as they’re sometimes called) is easier to quit than cigarettes.

However, new research reveals that it may not be that beneficial at all, as it can supposedly damage our cardiovascular health, especially our heart.

This is all according to a team of researchers that performed tests on the vascular systems of around 400 healthy adults that were aged 21 to 45 years old. Per the study findings, which were published on April 29 in the Journal of the American Heart Association, the study participants who used vapes, cigarettes, or e-cigarettes had stiffer lungs than people who did not smoke at all. The study participants who vaped had already been doing so for three months.

Per Jessica Fetterman, a vascular biologist at Boston University School of Medicine, this stiffness is not to be taken lightly, as prolonged states of this can damage smaller blood vessels and even strain our heart. Besides the stiffer arteries, further study also revealed that participants who smoked had cells lining their blood vessels produce less nitric oxide than cells from participants that weren’t smokers. As nitric acid dilates blood vessels and helps stop blood from clotting, producing less of it is an indication that smokers’ and vapers’ blood vessels may not be functioning all that normally.

Thankfully, research also shows that quitting smoking can see a reduction in artery stiffness in as fast as four weeks’ time.

"There was no evidence that the use of e-cigarettes reduces cardiovascular injury,” said Fetterman.

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