New Video Game Lets You Fight The Coronavirus And Vaccinate The World

Ever wanted to join the fight against the coronavirus pandemic from the comforts of your own home but don’t know where to start? Well now you can (well, sorta), all thanks to a new video game that lets you do just that.

Fighting Coronavirus In This New Video Game

For those who ever wanted to fight the coronavirus in their own way but have no idea how to, this new game might be just right up your alley or your home, where we hope you’re practicing self-isolation. Developed by Portugal-based education tech startup Magikbee, the new mobile game “Virus Fight Club” lets you just do that: fight the virus. Unlike the first rule of fight club, however, you can freely talk about it with other people.

“The aim of the game is to avoid getting ill while collecting as many vaccines as possible. The player’s score is counted by the number of vaccinations gathered,” the press release that the company made alongside the game read.

Currently, the game is up for free download on both iOS and Android, with a web-based version to be released soon. And in order to be more inclusive, the game is available in 10 languages and has no in-app purchases to speak of whatsoever.

In the game, the players are tasked with running across cities like London, New York, Beijing and Rio de Janeiro as they fight the coronavirus epidemic. Additionally, frequent hand-washing is also a key element in the game as well as gathering masks and distributing them to people that are sick with COVID-19.

“We built ‘Virus Fight Club’, basing some of the game’s features on the World Health Organization’s advice for personal protective measures against the illness. We encourage gamers to protect themselves and others by staying inside. Let MG do the traveling in ‘Virus Fight Club’ while you stay safe at home!” Magikbee CEO Hugo Ribeiro said.

Despite its relevance with the pandemic, the company behind the game hopes that it offers some lighthearted fun and escape from the current worrisome situation of the world.

“Really it’s just a bit of fun, lighthearted entertainment in strange times,”  Max Hains, Magikbee international business development manager, said.

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