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New York Boy Dies From Flu Despite Getting Flu Shot

Per a report released by officials, an 11-year-old boy from New York City has apparently died after a severe case of flu sent him to cardiac arrest, even after getting the flu shot.

Living in Hamburg, Luca Calanni contracted the virus just last week. As a result, his mother Ashley took him to the pediatrician three days in a row to get treated. On Wednesday, however, a few days after, she then took him to John R Oishei Children's Hospital in Buffalo to receive fluids because he wasn’t showing any signs of improvement.

From there, he was diagnosed with septic shock and was promptly admitted to the hospital. However, the virus had already attacked his heart, causing his health to rapidly decline and putting him into cardiac arrest. He passed away last Saturday.

According to his family, who’s devastated by the incident, Luca was able to receive his flu shot this year. Unfortunately, the National Institutes of Health's own flu expert said this year's shot is an imperfect match for the B strain that’s responsible for the countless cases and majority of deaths caused by the current flu season.

“I want him to be remembered for the wonderful boy he was, and not just another flu-related death. He was vaccinated, and we did everything possible to prevent and to help him,” said his mom Ashley, who asked that Luca be remembered for the ‘amazing’ boy that he is, and not just another statistic that’s fallen prey to the deadly virus that has disrupted the lives of so many others.

Per Ashley, Luca was an amazing brother to his three sisters and was a massive fan of the Buffalo Bills, an NFL team.

“I would even say he was a sports expert. He could tell you the stats of every college sports player and professional. His dream was to go to Ohio State University,” his mom added.

Luca is the second child in New York to be taken from their families by this disruptive flu season, which is considered as the worst one in decades.

Since its start, figures recently released show that about 4,800 people have died from the flu already.

Flut shot Researchers found that vaccination could reduce the risk of flu by 40 percent to 60 percent even during seasons when the virus is active. Pixabay