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Newborn Triplets In Mexico Test Positive For COVID-19

Three newborn babies in Mexico have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, making them the first case of triplets to contract COVID-19, according to local officials.

The three babies — one girl and two boys — were born prematurely in San Luis Potosi on June 17. Their mother had also tested positive for the virus but she’s asymptomatic. Although none of the three are in mortal danger, one of them is currently being treated for a respiratory condition, the BBC first reported.

Experts said that it is very rare for children to be born with the deadly virus, so they are contemplating on whether or not the coronavirus was passed on through the mother’s placenta while she was still carrying them during her pregnancy.

It is important to note that researchers from Yale School of Medicine recently revealed the first known case of coronavirus infection via the placenta. However, they indicated that the risk of infection in this case is often low.

They also clarified that there’s no evidence that the novel coronavirus can cause miscarriage or affect the development of the baby inside the womb. But pregnant women are strongly advised to avoid close contact with other people during the pandemic.

A small number of newborns have been known to pick up the coronavirus after birth. However, officials do not think that this is what happened to the triplets.

“It would be impossible for them to have been infected at the moment of birth,” State Health Secretary Mónica Liliana Rangel Martínez said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that children diagnosed with COVID-19 generally tend to manifest the less severe form of the symptoms. However, infants below the age of a year old could suffer the more severe form of the illness, per USA Today.

So far, the number of coronavirus cases in Mexico is at 191,410. The local death toll is at 23,377. Experts said that since testing is quite low in the area, the figures could most likely be undercounts.

baby A mother holds baby's feet after birth. Pixabay

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