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Nose Threads vs. Nose Fillers: Which Is Better?

Many people are seeking nose augmentation to have a better appearance. Over the past years, the medical community made a significant progress in the field of cosmetics. 

There are now non-surgical options to get a more defined nose. Nose fillers and nose thread lift are the two simple procedures that promise to help people achieve the right nose bridges and facial feature they desire. 

Nose fillers enhances the appearance of the nose by injecting hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers into the skin. The substance adds volume to the bridge and tip of the nose.

Nose thread lift is another procedure that has been proven safe and effective in people. It uses polydioxanone (PDO) threads that the body can absorb. 

The procedure improves height and projection of the nose using fine threads placed on the nasal bridge. The thread also elevates the nose tip.

But before you decide to see a doctor to help fix or enhance your nose through augmentation, it is important to know that nose fillers and nose thread lift works depending on the type of nose you have. Some noses are more suitable for thread lifts, while others may need fillers. 

Know What You Want

Sharper Nose Tip

To people who want to get a sharper nose tip, threads works better than fillers. Nose thread lift uses tiny anchoring points on the threads, which lift the nose up, making the tip sharper and smaller.

Getting too much fillers could give your larger-looking nose tip, according to Mizu Aesthetic

Contoured Nose

Nose threads also work well in people who want a more defined nose. Threads can lift the nose from the bridge down to the tip, giving you the look that people achieve when they contour their noses with makeup. 

Higher Nose Bridge

To those who have a lower or flat nose bridge, nose fillers can be the best option. The added gel allows doctors to precisely reshape the nose bridge based on the patient’s desired volume and shape.

Straighter Nose

Both nose threads and fillers can help improve the appearance of the people with bumps or dents on their noses. The procedure depends on the area of the bump to be fixed. 

Nose threads works well on noses that naturally have some height to the bridge. 

You Can Combine Fillers And Threads

Nose fillers can last for 12 months after the first procedure and up to three years if repeated regularly. On the other hand, the effects of nose thread lift commonly stay for up to two years and can last longer if repeated, according to Marie France Asia

You can try both nose threads and fillers at the same time to get a more dramatic effect. The threads can increase the contouring of the nose and lift the tip, while fillers allows you to enhance height of the bridge.

Woman Nose fillers and nose thread lift are the two non-surgical options to get a more defined nose. Pixabay