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Not Washing Hands Likened To Eating Raw Meat In Terms Of Health Risk

Unless you’re a very thorough person, then we’ve all been guilty of going out of the bathroom without making sure we’ve washed our hands at least a couple or few times. And while that may be forgivable, we hope you don’t turn it into a habit because a new study revealed that skipping a post-bowel moment hand cleaning can have very gross consequences. But you know that already, right?

If you still need convincing, then just ask the researchers who made the recent study. Published in the journal Lancet Infectious Disease, the study highlights how not washing your hands after going to the bathroom makes you more likely to spread E. coli bacteria more than actually eating raw meat. Yikes.

Always Wash Your Hands

To conduct the recent study, University of East Anglia professor David Livermore and his colleagues in the U.K. decided to study samples from human sewerage, blood and feces to samples of beef, pork and chicken. From this, they were able to find out that there are similar bacterial strains between the samples taken from humans. However, while the same E. coli strains are found in human samples, these ones are different from ones found in the animal meat. According to the researchers, this hints that even though it’s believed that eating meat that’s either raw or not prepared properly causes the spread of E. coli, it’s primarily spread through humans.

From this, they were also able to summarize that poor bathroom hygiene is one of the biggest contributors to the spread of the bacteria, since the likeliest method of it being passed around is through human feces particles.

“The likeliest route of transmission for ESBL-E.coli is directly from human to human, with fecal particles from one person reaching the mouth of another,” Prof. Livermore said.

Hand Washing Refresher

To help stop the spread of harmful bacteria, always make sure you’re washing your hands with warm, running water as well as mild soap. Work up a good lather, and make sure all of the surfaces are covered, then make sure everything is thoroughly washed with water.

Washing hands The best way to clean your hands of bacteria is not about what product you use, but the way you use it. Photo courtesy of Pixabay, Public Domain