3 Nutritional Mistakes You Might Be Making While Staying At Home Amid Coronavirus Crisis

While almost everyone is stuck at home amid the coronavirus lockdown, many are unknowingly committing some diet mistakes that weaken their immune system and make them vulnerable to COVID-19 and other diseases.

A nutritionist and diet specialist named Ayşe Sena Binöz has recently listed the different nutrition mistakes many people could be making while staying at home amid the pandemic. Find out what they are and what you can do about them below.

Skipping breakfast

Quarantine time means less work or no work at all for some. Many people tend to oversleep during this period and so they skip breakfast unintentionally. Others deliberately skip breakfast thinking that their inactive lifestyle during the quarantine would ultimately lead to weight gain.

According to Binöz, it is actually very important to not skip breakfast because it would just lead to increased consumption of food during other meals of the day. Doing so could also lead to blood sugar imbalances. She recommends eating eggs and other vitamin C-rich foods for breakfast to help boost the immune system.

Not drinking enough water

During the quarantine period, it is common for people to feel lazy and uninspired. Some are lazy to the point that they don’t drink sufficient amounts of liquids such as water throughout the day. This is bad practice because depriving the body of its water needs could lead to digestion problems and metabolism issues.

Binöz pointed out that the human body needs 30 milliliters of water per kilogram of weight. If the body is running low on water, the intestines would be badly affected and this could lead to constipation. Poor intestinal health has also been found to negatively impact the immune system. Hence, hydrating during and even after the lockdown is very important.

Eating the same types of food

Amid the pandemic, almost everyone has stocked up on certain food items to last through the quarantine period. The problem with most households is they ended up hoarding very limited ingredients and typical grocery items. Unbeknownst to them, variety is important during the lockdown so as not to get stuck on a monotone diet.

Binöz recommends combining different types of foods for each meal. She said that it is imperative to have high-quality protein, iron and zinc sources, whole-grain products and legumes as well as fruits and vegetables in our meals. This way we increase the availability of numerous vitamins and minerals in our body and improve our overall health. So the next time you do some grocery-shopping, be sure to buy different types of ingredients for your meals.

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