NYC Man Charged After Attempting To Scam $20 Million From Coronavirus Relief Program

A man from Manhattan has recently been charged by prosecutors after shamelessly trying to scam $20 million from a federal relief program for small businesses that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Man Gets Charged After Scamming Coronavirus Relief Program

According to prosecutors, a Manhattan-native has recently been given charges after shamelessly trying to scam $20 million from a federal relief program that’s made to provide help to small-time businesses that’s been severely affected by the economy and closing down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Per the report, Muge Ma recently filed paperwork with the Small Business Administration, where he claimed that he paid millions in salaries to employees of New York International Capital LLC and Hurley Human Resources. Additionally, the website used by the scammer also featured boasts of global reach that are all false.

“NYIC is a patriotic American Management Consulting firm headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Since NYIC is COMPLETELY OPERATING IN THE CLOUD, NYIC has the unique ability to deploy HUNDREDS of brilliant, hard-working & passionate young people of NYIC ALL dedicated to YOUR project connecting you with 10,000+ CHIEF EXECUTIVES of the world’s 10,000+ BLUE-CHIPs as your strategic partners in the speed of light,” the Hurley site states. “HURLEY HR is a global human resources consulting firm with its global headquarters in Manhattan, New York City. Getting American White-Collar Workers CLOUD-BASED Jobs Domestic and Overseas.”

Fortunately, prosecutors were able to catch Ma since the companies’ addresses were on the sixth floor of the same luxury condo building where Ma himself lives.

A Chinese man legally living in Manhattan, Ma reportedly used the name “Hummer Ma” in his bank and government loan applications. However, he dug himself a bigger hole by also writing in April to a Canadian COVID-19 test kit manufacturer that his company is representing the New York state government and is interested in ordering testing kits in huge bulks. This case is now found to be the latest example of fraud related to the $2 trillion CARES Act meant to help mitigate the damage caused by the pandemic to small businesses.

Ma has since been charged with bank fraud and major U.S. fraud, among other charges.

Medical fraud A Chinese man reportedly tried to scam a coronavirus relief program that helps small businesses. Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

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