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Oat Milk As Latest Diet Trend: Is It Really Healthy?

Nutritionists claim that oats are an incredibly beneficial cereal grain, and oat milk, on the other hand, can be a healthy plant-based milk of choice. However, it all depends on the type of brand and variety; so, it is important for you to read all the ingredients carefully.

Just like other plant-based milk, there are oat milk brands that have high sugar content and contain unhealthy additives. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to find an organic version. It is only recently that oat milk has become the latest diet trend and this is due to its nutrition value.

In general, oat milk typically contains about three to four grams of protein per serving. That amount is a lot less than your regular soy milk but significantly more than almond milk. Oat milk ensures that you receive a dose of essential minerals including calcium, iron and vitamins D and A.

A lot of people are shifting to oat milk because it is a fantastic vegan and nut-free alternative. It is rich in flavor and blends beautifully into a glorious cup of coffee. Moreover, oat milk is naturally gluten-free, but nowadays, some companies process it in facilities that lead to cross-contamination.

Aside from this, it is a delicious milk alternative that is perfect for those who cannot drink regular cow’s milk. In addition to this, oat milk has lesser cholesterol compared to whole milk from cows that typically contains 24 milligrams of cholesterol per serving. It also consists of more calcium than cow milk, a fact that surprises many people.

Nutritionists claim that it includes about 35 percent of RDA for calcium. This means that even if you are lactose intolerant, you will still be able to delight in enough calcium for the day.

Oat milk has a place in anyone’s healthy diet. However, it is still crucial to choose a brand that has a simple ingredient list. Also, always check the sugar content. Avoid flavored versions like chocolate or vanilla since these have loads of sugar that can damage the body in the long run.

Oat Milk Oat milk is made from steel-cut oats or whole groats that are soaked in water. PxHere