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Officials Urge New York Town Residents To Go On A Diet Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Most are confined to their homes, something that would lower (if not prevent) them from contracting the COVID-19 virus. Depending on their daily routine, there could be new health-related problems over the horizon. One of them is gaining weight that could become a big problem particularly for obese people.

New York, a region where coronavirus cases have been alarmingly on the rise, is calling on locals to shed off some pounds to hold off the strain and reverse any quarantine-related weight gain. To do this, they introduced the "Healthy Huntington" initiative while officials try to adopt measures in preventing the spike of more COVID-19 related cases.

“I’m hoping that we start off with Huntington and it kind of spreads across the country because it’s a very serious thing,” Dr. David Buchin, an obesity specialist and director of bariatric surgery at Huntington Hospital, said during a news conference aired on social media. “COVID-19, you’re twice as likely to have a poor outcome if you’re obese. So it’s very important that we get fit and we get healthier.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) already issued warnings on how underlying conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure could place people at risk of COVID-19. They could end up with serious illnesses if they are not careful.

However, Buchin explained to Fox News that this initiative is voluntary. The main goal is to raise awareness of obesity and the problems it brings tied up to COVID-19. He added that part of 42 percent of patients admitted at the Northwell Health system is obese.

The initiative includes free exercise and yoga classes that will be held virtually. Part of also includes getting nutritional advice and meal suggestions to guide locals. To make sure that the initiative improves, Buchin also plans to hold at least two Facebook Live events so that participants can ask questions and seek clarifications about the COVID-19 and other health-related concerns.

“Huntington has always been known for its sense of community. I think it’s important to get healthy together, and I hope everyone will take part,” Buchin said.

The townwide diet is allegedly a first in the nation and Buchin is staying positive that people will take part in the voluntary initiative. He said that if 10 percent participate, the efforts of addressing obesity and its part in the COVID-19 pandemic would be a success.

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