Ohio Toddler Tests Positive For Coronavirus

According to the latest report, health officials from Franklin County have recently confirmed that a 2-year-old boy tested positive for COVID-19. Per the same health officials, the child is at home, although any other details of his current condition isn’t released. Furthermore, the case is also not believed to be community spread.

Per a spokesperson, the boy may have contracted the coronavirus from someone who is supposedly in self-quarantine, driving home the fact that social distancing really is something that people should practice for the time being, even while at home.

Thankfully, while the coronavirus does infect everyone from kids and adults to elderly people, current cases state that parents can take solace in the fact that the symptoms and sickness given off by the virus is generally milder when it comes to children.

Here are some other facts that we currently know about the virus:

Coronavirus and Children

First off, the children can catch the coronavirus, as evidenced by the aforementioned statements above. Moreover, they can also transmit it without showing any of the symptoms, which is why proper hygiene such as the correct washing of their hands should be always encouraged.

As for how the coronavirus actually affects children, what we currently believe is that it’s milder on children. Much of what we know about it today also comes from reports out of China, where only 2.5 percent of the children infected are known to have severe symptoms. Nevertheless, more research is being done in order to provide a more accurate picture.

When it comes to the reason as to why the virus affects children differently, much is still unknown about it, unfortunately, with health experts like U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Deputy Director Dr. Jay C. Butler calling it as a very significant phenomenon. This is because, at the moment, people aged 60 and over are still the ones that remain the most vulnerable to the growing pandemic. Of course, this also includes people with underlying conditions, such as those with diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure or other chronic respiratory conditions.

Coronavirus testing The Trump administration marked COVID-19 tests as an essential health benefit, which allows Medicaid and Medicare plans to cover the cost of the screening. Pixabay

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