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Face Coverings Could Be Required In Oregon Following Increase In COVID-19 Cases

The surge in COVID-19 cases in Oregon is alarming and it appears that the state will start to tighten up some requirements, particularly on wearing a face covering. There are plans to strictly impose this requirement in seven counties, with exceptions only to people dealing with some medical condition or disability as well as kids aged 0-12.

In a recent post, it was reported how coronavirus cases continue to significantly rise in select counties in Oregon. Among those that reported alarming spikes include Multnomah County, Washington County and Clackamas County. Starting Wednesday, a new rule from Gov. Kate Brown will require people in seven counties to wear face coverings when stepping out of their homes. Aside from the three mentioned counties, the other regions affected include Hood River, Polk, Marion and Lincoln. Multnomah recorded the most number of cases as of Sunday with 84 new COVID-19 cases.

This means that people heading out will need to wear a face mask when going to the grocery, restaurants and gyms. Locals also taking rideshares such as Uber and Lyft are also covered.

Face Mask and Exercise Woman in face mask exercising with dumbbells outdoors. Pexels

The only ones exempted are the people who have some medical condition or disability that prevents them from wearing face masks. Kids aged 0-12 are also excluded, although the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) strongly recommends kids aged 2 to 12 to wear some face covering for their protection, Katu reported.

Furthermore, face masks will not be required when a person eats or drink. Aside from that, individuals undergoing some form of strenuous physical exercise or while singing or playing an instrument will also be exempted. However, the OHA stressed social distancing in these cases and that they need to be at least six feet apart.

The implementation of the requirement is a move to try and stop the wave of COVID-19 cases from surging. About 55 percent of the population in the state will be affected by the new face mask rule. Hence, locals are advised to buy face masks if they don't have one at the moment. Alternatively, people who don't want to spend can make one by using some form of clothing. Some tips on making one can be found here.

Aware that there may be some citizens who could continue to defy wearing of masks, local authorities urge businesses to ask incoming customers to wear masks. The public is also warned against online conspiracies tied to wearing masks. It would be best to listen to public health officials rather than believe in shady claims plying social media.