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Palm Springs Bars Closing After Employees Test Positive For Coronavirus

Some Palm Springs bars have decided to temporarily halt their operations amid the increasing number of coronavirus cases in Southern California. Their decision came after employees at two local bars tested positive for COVID-19.

According to Los Angeles Blade, Hunters Nightclub in 302 E Arenas Rd and Streetbar in 224 E Arenas Rd already announced on social media that they will be shutting down for at least two weeks because their patrons and other employees might have been exposed to the workers that had tested positive for the deadly virus.

“Hunters Palm Springs will be closed immediately due to employee quarantines related to Coronavirus. An employee at our location has tested positive for COVID-19. All employees who have been in contact will be tested and quarantined for14 days,” Hunters' management wrote.

Streetbar issued a similar statement and indicated that they are shutting down for the meantime since it is dedicated to the community health and safety of its guests.

Desert Sun reported late last week that many locals have been sacrificing their health for the sake of having a good time at the bars in Palm Springs ever since businesses resumed in the area.

Local bars have been imposing precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Aside from requiring face masks, guests are also required to keep their distance from each other. Hand sanitizer stations have also been set up at the bars.

Nevertheless, the risk of contracting the virus still remains, especially after the revelation that some employees had tested positive for COVID-19.

It is important to note that while some businesses resumed after the reopening, there were others that remained closed. Among them is Tonga Hut, which has not reopened since mid-March. The owner of the bar, Claudia Murphy, admitted that it was a difficult decision to make but they had to remain close if they want to protect their employees and their customers.

“You have to care enough about your employees and the community that you function within. You have to care enough about them to do what’s right decision even if it’s difficult business wise,” Murphy said.

bar Bars can play an important role in the mental health of those who frequent them. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

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