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Pegan Diet For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

It is without a doubt that we live in a very diverse world. The number of diet plans that are available to us is endless. It can be daunting and confusing to choose the right one as diet and culture are always intertwined, like that of nutrition and health.

Over the past decade, scientists, medical researchers and nutritionists have all attempted to create a healthier way of living. Two of the most common diet plans include the paleo diet, which is eating foods that are made available to our Paleolithic caveman ancestors, and veganism, which is a diet that prohibits the consumption of all animal products.

There is another diet plan that is slowly making a name for itself: the pegan diet, which is a combination of the paleo and vegan diet. Of course, there will always be a set of advantage and disadvantage points for following this diet. Let’s start by explaining the basic tenets of the pegan diet.

1. Eat mostly plants

As mentioned, this diet is derived from the vegan diet, so it is only right that it recommends five servings of vegetables or fruits every day. You must limit starchy vegetables like squash and potatoes. Also, try opting for food with a low-glycemic index.

2. Eat only whole grains

One of the more stricter rules when it comes to the pegan diet is the consumption of whole grains. Skip the use of whole grain flours and opt for low-glycemic grains, such as quinoa, teff, amaranth, buckwheat and black rice.

3. Try to eliminate sugar

Try your best to stay away from sugar. In fact, you should avoid anything that has the ability to spike insulin production as it can definitely elevate blood sugar levels in the body.

4. Consume seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts were universally shown as foods that can prevent and reverse disease. It can help with your weight loss journey. These are also a great source of good fats, fiber, protein and minerals. There’s no rule as to what type of seed or nut is allowed. You can consume almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pecan, chia, sesame seeds, pumpkin and more.

Vegan A vegan bagel and green smoothie is pictured at vegan cafe No Milk Today on January 27, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Steffi Loos/Getty Images