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People Are Being Paid $4,500 To Be Infected With Coronavirus

In a new move to potentially develop the much needed vaccine for the current viral outbreak, courtesy of COVID-19, people are reportedly being paid a handsome amount of £3,500 (roughly $4,525) in order to get infected with a form of coronavirus as scientists work on creating a treatment for it.

Coronavirus Volunteers

Per sources, the center behind this new potential solution and study is the Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovations Center located in London, which is reportedly recruiting 24 people for the process. According to them, willing volunteers would then be injected with two weaker strains of the virus behind the deadly outbreak (which so far, has already killed more than 3,800 people), which would then give them the same respiratory symptoms that infected people are having.

Per reports, the two strains are both common, but much less serious types of coronavirus. Because of these, the respiratory symptoms that they’ll give won’t be as severe as the COVID-19’s. Despite this, the scientists behind the experiment believe that it could help bring down the outbreak of coronavirus that has killed more than 3,500 people worldwide so far.

During the study, the participants will be spending two weeks in isolation. They will also be eating a restricted diet and won’t be allowed to exercise or have physical contact with other people. During that time, the participants will also be undergoing a series of examinations, which includes nasal swabs and blood tests, while medical staff in protective clothing will collect any dirty tissues they infect.

However, Hvivo, which is the company that owns the laboratory that will be used, will first need to get a green light from the U.K. Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency before the any actual testing begins.

Per sources, the company first announced its plans right after a man who’s in his 60s, unfortunately, became the third coronavirus-related death in the U.K. At least 280 patients have been confirmed to have the infection in the U.K. 

The new testing is reportedly part of a global effort to fight the coronavirus that’s worth $2 billion, coming as a response to Europe experiencing a sudden huge surge of cases in a mere two weeks’ time.

Coronavirus Outbreak As per the latest data, 100,770 cases and 3412 deaths related to COVID-19 have been reported worldwide as of March 6. Pixabay

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