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Breakthrough Pills Make Fart Smell Like Roses And Chocolates

A French company developed pills that make fart smell like roses and chocolates. They are ingestible pills that give off a variety of smells. However, the products are not considered medications or drugs but are instead designated as dietary supplements made of natural ingredients.

French company Lutin Malin is responsible for the ingestible capsules that make fart smell fragrant, as first reported by VT. The pills come with various smells such as chocolate, ginger and violet.

According to the official website of Lutin Malin, they have developed the pill since 2007 and claimed that they already have several return customers. They have conducted lengthy research and trials since then. They also said that their fragrant variants were incorporated with a touch of humor fit for any occasion.

The company sells the pills in sachets that contain 60 pills. Customers must take two to six pills during mealtimes every day to enjoy the product’s fragrance. Since the product is a dietary supplement, customers may take them in a manner that fits their condition, desired effect and diet.

The company also developed a powder for dogs that affords the same effects as the pills. Dog owners may sprinkle the product on to their pets’ food, so their farts would also smell like roses.

Why Farts Smell Bad

According to Healthline, farting is a biological process that helps the body expel gas from digestion. Although some farts are odorless, others can be uncomfortable, loud and smelly. Nevertheless, farting is normal.

The dietary supplements that transform fart into fragrant gas are made of charcoal, fennel seeds, lithothamne, propolis and blueberry.

The charcoal used by the company is taken from charred plant materials such as coconut shells and lime. It aids in the proper functioning of the digestive tract and alleviates farts and fullness after eating.

The fennel seeds improve intestinal mobility and aids in letting the gas out of your system. The litothamne, on the other hand, is a small red alga that neutralizes and mineralizes the acid that causes the foul smell. Meanwhile, propolis boosts elasticity and vitality. Finally, the fiber content in blueberry increases the function of intestinal bacteria responsible for breaking down food, thereby making you fart more.

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