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Pre-Workout Supplements: Do They Work?

Many people wanting to lift more and extend their physical capacity commonly try pre-workout supplements. Fitness lovers use these products mainly to boost their energy and support their muscles. 

But are supplements really effective? How about their safety and health effects? 

These questions have been raised by many health experts over the past years. They describe pre-workout supplements as unnecessary and potentially harmful. 

The number of available supplements has been growing. However, it also becomes difficult to compare different formulas and see ingredients. 

You may see amino acids, B vitamins, caffeine and creatine as the most common ingredients in pre-workout supplements. But manufacturers follow no standards. 

The U.S. has only little policies covering dietary supplements. Health experts said the lack of regulations may lead to inaccurate or misleading product labels. 

There are some ingredients that have been proven effective to improve athletic performance. These are caffeine for increased energy, nitric oxide precursors for improved blood flow and creatine for muscular strength, according to Healthline.

However, the fitness community still lacks scientific evidence to support the health benefits of other ingredients used in pre-workout supplements. But there are studies showing the potential side effects of the products. 

Bad Effects of Pre-Workout Supplements

Majority of the supplements contain caffeine. Health experts warned that some supplements have high amounts of the stimulant, which may cause increased blood pressure, impaired sleep and anxiety.

Artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols may also cause some side effects. Such sweeteners have been linked to intestinal distress, discomfort, bloating and diarrhea.

Pre-workout formulas can be effective but these products are not for everyone. Always check the ingredients and seek professional advice before trying any supplement to boost your performance. 

These products are also commonly expensive and require a strict diet to be effective. But there are natural and safe alternatives to pre-workout supplements. 

Drinking enough water to stay hydrated and maintaining a healthy diet can give you the energy you need for an extreme workout. Having a good sleep is also known for increasing energy and for helping the body function properly. 

Exercise Steroids Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) are synthetic testosterone that promise to improve muscle mass and strength but are also known for side effects. Pixabay