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Professional Wrestler Dave Bautista's Transformation To Drax The Destroyer

Avid fans of the “Guardians of The Galaxy” always have this question in mind: What does it take for the former wrestling champion Dave Bautista to become Drax the Destroyer?

A lot of professionals and highly imaginative make-up artists teamed up for this to happen. Wrestler Dave Bautista, who breathes life to the character of Drax in the Marvel narrative previously reposted a video of his transformation on his official Instagram account, which was then shared by Brian Sipe, a prosthetic make-up artist.

In the fast-motion video, one can see Bautista’s body being painted and then plastered with prosthetics, specifically to his torso. The video then shows the process of putting together signature patterns of flesh on his recreate form, which allows him to transform from his original self to this rock-solid character of Drax the Destroyer.

Known for his toughness and resilience, his role from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has the power to project the energy that comes out from his hands and has outstanding flight skills. For Bautista to successfully portray this character, he had to follow a fairly strict diet and workout regimen.

In an interview with Muscle and Fitness, Bautista noted that he ate the same as he did before, but geared more towards a high-protein diet. He had to do calorie-counting to ensure that he is eating enough to grow, all the while making sure that his body receives enough protein. Bautista did all of these by carefully selecting the right healthy foods.

For his workout routine, on the other hand, Bautista shared that he owed the way he looks to bodybuilding, which he pursued for many years. This training is one of the many reasons why it was easy for him to maintain his overall physique.

He also revealed that when he was bodybuilding, he weighed 350 pounds. Now that he is at 275, it is a lot easier for him to retain his strengthened physique.

Moreover, Bautista engages in a tough workout for four days a week. There were times when he would exceed his usual and trained for five to six days to successfully achieve the size of Drax the Destroyer.

Dave Bautista Dave Bautista visits Build Series to discuss 'Stuber' at Build Studio on July 08, 2019 in New York City. Noam Galai/Getty Images