Quantum Teleportation: Scientists Make Shocking Breakthrough Using Diamonds

Scientists recently made a significant breakthrough in teleportation. Or more specifically, quantum teleportation, and they did so by figuring out how to teleport information within a simple diamond.

The feat was achieved by scientists from the Yokohama National University, who made a significant step in the field of quantum information technology through their study. The results of the team’s findings can be found published in Communications Physics.

Quantum teleportation

"Quantum teleportation permits the transfer of quantum information into an otherwise inaccessible space. "It also permits the transfer of information into a quantum memory without revealing or destroying the stored quantum information,” said Hideo Kosaka, a professor of engineering at Yokohama National University and the study’s lead author. He explained that the study’s goal was to get data where it wouldn’t go under normal circumstances.

In this case, the “inaccessible space” that Kosaka mentioned is the lattice of carbon atoms found inside a diamond. When the scientists bond the diamond, the atoms in it formed a really strong lattice.

To do the study, Kosaka and his team decided to manipulate a carbon isotope and an electron via a microwave and radio wave through a very thin wire. Due to the wire being attached to the diamond, an oscillating magnetic field was created. The microwaves were then controlled by the scientists to send information, employing a nitrogen nano magnet to transfer the polarization state of a photon to a carbon atom. This then resulted in what’s basically considered quantum teleportation.

“The success of the photon storage in the other node establishes the entanglement between two adjacent nodes,” Kosaka noted. He also stated that at present, his team’s current goal is to find out how the process they used can be made available “for large-scale quantum computation and metrology.”

Moving forward, the team’s discovery and breakthrough with quantum science can lay the foundation in finding new ways to both store and share sensitive information. This is in line with previous studies made about diamonds and their unique properties, as well as their ability to house an overwhelmingly giant amount of encrypted data.

A rare oval diamond. People undergoing root canals may have gained a powerful yet tiny new ally — diamonds. Getty Images