Quit Smoking With These Simple Hacks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that there are 34 million adults currently smoking cigarettes in the U.S. Among these people, over 16 million are expected to develop diseases linked to tobacco. 

Cigarettes kill one in five smokers in the country. That covers more than 480,000 deaths every year. 

But the CDC said the number of American smokers declined over the past years. In 2017, it dropped to 14.0 percent from 20.9 percent in 2005. 

The agency hopes more people will quit smoking in the coming years. But it can be hard for people to ditch cigarettes because of the addictive effects of nicotine. 

But it is never too late to quit smoking. There are a number of ways that have been proven effective to help people break the bad habit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

How To Quit Smoking 


Find something that will require your attention. Learn how to bake or try hiking, cycling, basketball or any new hobby that can take your eyes away from cigarettes. 

Pick indoor or outdoor activities that involve either physical or mental efforts or better both. But it is important to avoid those that may harm your health, like playing video games for a long period of time, leading to a sedentary lifestyle. 

Build Your Willpower

There are many challenges when you are trying to fight addiction. Cigarettes are very tempting. They make you think that you need them to relax and calm yourself. 

However, smoking is only slowly damaging your body. Quitting requires a strong willpower. 

Train your brain to stop seeking cigarettes. Always think about its bad effects and remind yourself that quitting is the best decision.


As you try to improve your willpower, one way to boost your focus on other things and help you ignore cigarettes is meditation. This approach promotes mindfulness and fights stress, according to Bulletproof.

It can expand your awareness and help you think better to fight smoking impulse. 

Change Your Diet

Simple changes in your daily meals can help you quit smoking. Add crunchy vegetables, peanuts and fresh fruits to your diet. 

Eating or snacking can replace the feeling of having something in your mouth and hands that you commonly feel when smoking. 

Try Some Supplements 

If fruits and veggies did not work, there are supplements that can help avoid cigarettes. Glutathione and 5-HTP are the two common supplements used to treat the effects of nicotine withdrawal. 

The 5-HTP promotes serotonin balance that reduces nicotine addiction, while glutathione serves as an antioxidant, removing toxins from the body. 

cigarette smoking Cigarette smoking has been found causing fertility problems in children later in life. Pixabay