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Rage Yoga Benefits: Swearing, Drinking, Listening To Heavy Metal Music For Body Wellness

Rage Yoga is a revolutionary meditation workout that allows certain people to achieve the benefits of the exercise in a manner that suits their lifestyle preference. The unique program involves swearing, drinking beer and listening to heavy metal music while working out. It surprisingly affords several health benefits such as reducing feelings of anger and manifesting self-awareness.

What Is Rage Yoga?

Canadian yoga instructor Lindsay Istace established the cathartic scream fest known as Rage Yoga, a revolutionary method of working out. The program involves swearing, drinking and flexing into different sequences while heavy metal music by Black Sabbath and Metallica plays in the background. 

“Before I found my practice, I was a stress case all the time! My mind was constantly running a mile a minute and I couldn’t slow down. I had zero confidence, rage issues and, on top of it all, the muscle mass of a kitchen sponge,” Istace said in her Rage Yoga website.

She added that the meditation workout developed her mind-body connection and improved her confidence. She also recognized that some people are not fond of following the standard yoga programs. This is the reason why she created one that metalheads would be more comfortable doing and following as a regular exercise program.

There are two courses of the Rage Yoga program. The basic one is called “Ferocious Foundations.” It touches on strength, balance and mobility. The second course is called “Bendy and Badass.”  It focuses more on real measurable flexibility results, as per a video campaign released by Istace.

Below are the main advantages of Rage Yoga.

Reduces Anger

Apart from improving whole body wellness, the meditation workout allows participants to reduce their feelings of anger. According to psychoanalyst Dr. Ken Eisold, anger is a common reaction of people to varied situations in their life. The brain feels aroused and fueled when exposed to situations that trigger their anger. They would then respond either with fight or flight to ease their frustrations.

Rage Yoga is a program that helps people release their frustrations in a safe and accepting environment. According to Lifehack, swearing and screaming are methods used to reduce stress and anger. Through these parts of the program, the participants reduce their feelings of anger without resorting to violent behavior. 

Promotes Self-Control

The program also involves running for a few minutes. The time spent on this exercise allows the participants to reflect on why they felt angry in the first place and what they can do to release that negative energy. Since angry people need guidance in assessing the factors that trigger their responses, Rage Yoga lets them control how to process their thoughts and develop a nonviolent method in responding to such impulses.