Reasons Why The Equality Act Would Force Doctors To Do Harm

Doctors and medical practitioners who are uncomfortable with prescribing hormone treatments or even performing gender reassignment surgeries are more likely to be involved with the violation of certain federal laws.

According to Dr. Michelle Cretella, these doctors are not the only ones at risk. Even parents may find themselves unable to make any decisions in regard to their own child’s medical treatment.

Cretella is the executive director of the American College of Pediatricians. She was recently in a podcast episode of “The Daily Signal.” Interviewed by Kate Trinko, they talked about the Equality Act as well as sexual orientation and gender identity.

Cretella explained that the legislation that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been advocating is very dangerous. It mandates that health professionals can and will harm people. This act also claims that health professionals and medical practitioners cannot deny any kind of treatment to an individual based on their gender identity.

Moreover, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which was under the Obama Administration, have reported that the proof presented for the benefit of the act is actually too weak. The risk of the side effects is too great.

Cretella pointed out how it heavily deals with experimental procedures that H.R. 5 will most likely mandate every single doctor and medical practitioner to participate in. She even cited a particular study in Sweden that followed transgender individuals.

According to the research, after 10 years out from surgery, these individuals’ mental health was significantly worse than the rest of the population. Despite undergoing surgery and getting hormones, there were underlying issues that were always present. By 30 years after the surgery, these transgender-identified individuals have had a suicide rate 19 times greater than the general population.

“Refusing to go along with prescribing these dangerous hormones and refusing to go along with performing the mutilating surgeries, you would be in violation of federal discrimination laws, and you would be subject to those penalties,” Cretella added.

All of these aren’t just speculations. There have already been a number of states that have enacted laws similar to the Equality Act. The main problem here is not the availability of doctors but the lack of ability to choose.