• Tobacco Free Kids
    A new study shows that the Massachusetts Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids saved more than $3 for every $1 it spent on services to help beneficiaries in the state's Medicaid program quit smoking.
  • FB MZ
    Facebook is still leading the U.S. social networking market by far, with 166 million unique visitors in November, according to comScore’s global social networking report.
  • Heart Attack
    A recent study has found that heart attack victims in the U.S are often sent home too soon and are readmitted to the hospital.
  • A new insect study finds that females influence the gender of their offspring so they inherit either their mother's or grandfather's qualities, showing for the first time that females can manipulate the sex of their young.
  • Medical marijuana plants
    Researchers investigating marijuana use have discovered that use of the substance among young males is linked with cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS), a condition where patients experience episodes of vomiting separated by symptom free intervals.
  • Stem Cells
    The Food and Drug Administration voiced concern on Monday that the hope that patients have for cures, not yet available, may leave them vulnerable to unscrupulous providers of stem cell treatments that are illegal and potentially harmful.
  • Extend Health Inc. announced Friday that they have filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a proposed initial public offering of its common stock.
  • The health benefit management company Extend Health Inc. plans to raise about $75 million with an initial public offering of stock, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission statement.
  • Biotech company Dendreon Corp. said fourth quarter revenue rose compared to the third quarter and the same quarter a year earlier, noting its Provenge oncology drug was one of the top products in its category.
  • Robert Colville
    The United Nations human rights office is concerned by the significant increase in Saudi Arabia's use of capital punishment in the past year and is calling on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to prevent such punishment.
  • Dark Alley
    Attorney General Eric Holder announced revisions to the Uniform Crime Report’s definition of rape on Friday, which will lead to a more comprehensive statistical reporting of rape nationwide.
  • Fishing Boat
    Researchers found that the probability of being killed at work is 25 times higher for a coastal fisherman than for an offshore worker.