• fruit and nuts
    Nutrition is an absolutely critical area when it comes on to building muscle. The purpose of pre-workout nutrition is to provide the necessary energy going into a workout, while the purpose of post-workout nutrition would be to replenish the body with nutrients that had been lost over the course of the workout.
  • Lung cancer
    As technology advances and cancer treatments get more revolutionary we take a look at some of the most cutting edge treatments.
  • Childhood Meningitis Endangers Academic and Long-Term Economic Success
    The compounding company responsible for the meningitis outbreak that has affected up to 14,000 people, including 15 deaths, is not alone. In fact, according to new media reports, other compounding companies have had their own brush with contaminated drugs.
  • injection
    The fear that the Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination would lead to more promiscuous behavior in girls has been debunked in a new study.
  • Strength/Muscles
    A muscle building diet has to incorporate all three of the major food groups: protein, fats and carbohydrates. Protein, fats and carbohydrates each play an important role in helping one to build muscle. The majority of one's diet should come from healthy carbohydrates which act as your body's main energy source.
  • Bad Day, Frustrated Man
    Here are a couple of ways to turn a bad day around and help you make the most out of your day.
  • Yoga Meditation
    When it comes to successfully losing weight, it is important to adopt strategies that encourage you to make healthy choices that will support your goals. Meditation may be one such avenue for successfully managing stress, anxiety and the myriad unpleasant feelings that can sabotage dropping those extra pounds.
  • Yoga Pose
    You can't fully appreciate what yoga can bring to you if you don't actually try it. So, you need some sort of a motivation to try one? And that's what you are about to find out. Here are some of the best benefits you can get from doing yoga exercises.
  • Acupuncture
    When it comes to losing weight, changing eating habits and exercising more are the cornerstones to a successful plan. For some of us though, that may not be enough and we need some additional strategies to maximize our weight loss. If you are interested in using complementary therapies in your weight loss regimen, this may be one to consider.
  • Elderly Woman Smiles
    Nearly 75 percent of spending in the United States originates from chronically ill patients. The number is expected to increase beyond 75 percent as the population ages. The elderly will comprise nearly 50 percent of the population in America by 2023. Seniors are most likely to develop a chronic illness, which means nearly 50 percent of the population will have a chronic illness.
  • Family Cooking Dinner
    According to research, it seems that eating home-cooked meals may lead to better health outcomes than eating out frequently. This is definitely not surprising, but the extent of the benefits and some of the specific benefits may surprise you.
  • fruit, vegetables
    You have probably heard a million times to eat copious amounts of fruits and vegetables because they are good for you; even if you know this, you may not eat enough anyway. I am not providing any new revelations, but hopefully the following information actually detailing these benefits will give you the kick you need to actually take this wise advice.