• snake-eyes-dice-roll
    A new study looked at 31 different types of cancer and found that 22 of them could be explained mostly by random genetic mutations.
  • DCE1-Sales-600x400
    Developing and implementing diabetes centers of excellence to deliver high quality care across the continuum, meet growing patient demands, promote prevention, and improve outcomes.
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    A new hospital building in Mexico City, the Torre de Especialidades, is covered in a new type of tile called “proSolve370e,” which can neutralize the chemicals produced by 8,750 cars every day.
  • christmas-lights-lead-2
    Holiday lights come with a dark side — they contain enough lead in them to be harmful.
  • shutterstock_95314183
    2013 saw huge leaps forward in many areas of medical and health science. We chose to highlight 13 of the year's biggest medical breakthroughs.
  • shattered-woman
    An analysis of data from the World Mental Health Surveys found that mental health disorders were more likely to be accompanied by stigma from family members than physical illnesses.
  • brain-map
    Scientists used a video game to understand how our brains map our memories of events, and associate them with other events that took place in the same area.
  • breast-cancer-3d-rendering
    A byproduct of cholesterol, called 27HC, spurs the growth and spread of breast cancer by mimicking the hormone estrogen. Researchers say that tumors can use it as a source of fuel.
  • fruit-fly-in-nature
    Male fruit flies who were manipulated in sexual frustration ended up with poorer health and shorter lives than flies who were able to mate at will, proving that a better sex life could lead to longer life.
  • Image of Bacteria
    A PBS documentary presents a sobering outlook about the inevitable rise of 'superbugs' that are catching many hospitals and government agencies off guard and creating a 'silent epidemic'
  • Photo of a lit cigarette
    Nicotine-free tobacco smoke elicited more addictive behavior in rats than pure nicotine or smoke from manufactured tobacco that contains nicotine.
  • Beer Towast
    A new type of Beer, packed with electrolytes tastes just like genuine suds, but can also — supposedly — spare you from that nefarious morning hangover.