• Carrots
    Orange carrots are known to detoxify the liver and improve eye sight, however new studies demonstrate black carrots can play a significant role in protecting against colon cancer.
  • Handwashing
    A simple task such as hand washing can be the difference between preventing or contracting diarrheal diseases and pneumonia.
  • Starbucks coffee
    In an earlier study researchers discovered a cup of coffee not only provides a boost of caffeine energy, but also it was observed it may prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Now they have finally understood why.
  • Pregnancy
    Pregnancy-related infections are one of the leading causes of maternal death worldwide; largely affecting low-and-middle income countries.
  • Elderly man playing video games
    Video game systems such as the Nintendo Wii have been proven to be a moderate to vigorous form of exercise. Researchers have stated it may actually burn enough calories to qualify as a healthy way to exercise. A new study now suggests it may also improve balance in older people and help them avoid falls.
  • red wine
    You may know someone who thinks they know everything about wine and they insist certain foods go well with certain wines. For instance red wine and red meats are suggested to be a match made in heaven. However, new scientific research now knows the reason behind the mystery.
  • breast cancer
    As more and more women opt to focus on their career goals prior to having children, there are an increasing number of medical centers, such as New York University Langone Medical Center, that are diagnosing an increasing amount of women with breast cancer who are pregnant.
  • Back Pain
    Medicinal marijuana has been known to ease symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease, and now marijuana extract pills have been successful in relieving muscle stiffness for multiple sclerosis sufferers.
  • Shirtless Men
    Men and women all have their personal preference when dating the opposite sex. While some men may prefer blonde hair and blue eyes, most women opt for a hairless man. New research suggests why women don't fall for hairy guys.
  • Susan Wright
    A new study based on police surveys suggests in domestic violence crimes, where the woman is accused of murdering her abuser, the more attractive she is, the more likely she is perceived to be guilty.
  • Oral Health
    Oral health is very important. Your mouth is filled with hundreds of bacteria. Many of them harmless, but harmful bacteria may sometimes grow out control becoming dangerous for your oral health and even your overall health.
  • Strength/Muscles
    A new poll suggests the more individuals use their strengths; the less likely they are to suffer from stress.