• Yawning
    Five tips to get a boost of energy.
  • Drinking Water
    Water is essential to your health. Without a sufficient amount of water intake your body becomes dehydrated, but can too much water be hazardous to one's health?
  • Girl on laptop
    Social networking sites are great to reconnect with old classmates and friends as well as keeping up with current friends. It allows couples to feel connected all day, but what happens when the relationship ends? Should you maintain cyber friendship?
  • Back Pain
    Pain in the lower back is the most common pain people experience, but why? Here are the most common triggers of back pain.
  • healthy hair
    Many people believe healthy hair is a result of outside factors. Lather, condition and rinse may be the standard advice from your hairstylist. However, to get the healthiest hair possible it starts from within.
  • Bats
    The new respiratory illness that closely resembles the disease SARS, appears to not spread easily from person-to-person, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • doctor
    It is known that sexually transmitted disease (STD) can be very fatal to one's health but are you aware how fatal? For men, STDs can increase their risk of prostate cancer.
  • Employee forgot he had been hired for the job.
    A study found that gossip can not only strengthens friendships, but also cooperation among employees and helps control bad or negative behavior in the office.
  • Bored
    Boredom is the emotional and physical state of an individual when they have nothing particular to do and have become uninterested in their surroundings.
  • Time
    New research suggests if you conduct your activities around your optimal time, you may be able to better perform tasks and, in turn, make better use of the time you do have.
  • Couple
    Think your grandparents are no longer sexually active? Think again.
  • Fast foods are high in trans fat.
    Mayor Bloomberg's latest campaign, Healthy Hospital Food initiative, aims to create healthier food environment in New York City hospitals, both public and private.